Ericsson, Qualcomm Join Avanci to Offer One-Stop Shop for IoT Patent Licenses

A new platform for patent licenses is aiming to make the lives of Internet of Things (IoT) device makers a little bit easier.

Avanci, a newly formed company headed by former Ericsson Chief Intellectual Property Officer Kasim Alfalahi, on Wednesday announced the launch of a new one-stop platform that will grant manufacturers a single license for standard-essential patents from several major technology companies. Avanci said licenses will be offered with a flat-rate price per device that will vary based on the technology used.

According to the release, companies contributing patents include telecommunications giants Ercisson and Qualcomm, as well as ZTE, KPN and InterDigital. The Avanci licenses grant access to all of the existing standard-essential cellular patents in the participating companies’ portfolios as well as any additional patents that are developed during the license term.

“The number of companies incorporating connectivity in their business models is rapidly increasing,” current Ericsson Chief Intellectual Property Officer Gustav Brismark said. “By having efficient access to essential wireless technology and leveraging the global network, these companies can reduce time to market and reach scale faster. Avanci’s licensing platform enables the adoption of our essential wireless technology among IoT device manufacturers, accelerates the development of the Internet of Things and the global uptake of LTE for IoT.”

Avanci said it will initially offer 2G, 3G and 4G cellular technologies for smart meters and connected cars, but will expand to include other IoT areas soon.

Avanci said the goal of its new platform is to accelerate the process of securing technology rights and time to market for IoT devices.