IP Bridge Joins the Avanci’s Licensing Platform of Wireless Communications SEPs for IoT Products

Godo Kaisha IP Bridge 1, a wholly-owned subsidiary of IP Bridge, Inc. (“IP Bridge”), announced that it joined the patent licensing platform launched and administrated by Avanci, LLC (“Avanci”) as a licensor in terms of its own wireless communications standards essential patents.

The licensing platform administrated by Avanci is a structure or program that offers one-stop licenses for patented wireless technologies of 2G, 3G and 4G standards to the Internet of Things (IoT) products such as Connected Car, Smart Meter and so on. The licenses are granted for companies which need to use the technologies for their IoT business on fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory terms (FRAND). The companies intending to enter the IoT industry will be relieved from spending excessive resources for negotiating individual licenses with multiple patent holders by taking this one stop licenses through the platform, and will be able to operate the IoT business in transparent environment.

IP Bridge would contribute to the healthy growth of the IoT industry through joining as a licensor in the Avanci’s efficient and transparent licensing platform.

About Avanci: http://avanci.com/

About IP Bridge

 At IP Bridge, our focus is on promoting technological innovation and cooperation within Japan and around the world. We’ve worked with our investors, including Innovation Network Corporation of Japan – a unique partnership between 26 major corporations and the Japanese government – to establish the first and largest fund in Japan (approximately $300M) aimed at global innovation and IP-related investments. Our mission is to activate and leverage high-quality, under-utilized intellectual property assets to the benefit of a variety of IP owners based in and outside of Japan. And our vision is that these activities will stimulate economic development and a healthy growth of industries worldwide.

 We’ve worked with leading technology companies, small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) and universities to build large, high quality portfolios of 3,500 worldwide patents and growing, including patents in the fields of wireless communications, semiconductors, video codecs, display technologies, automotive technologies, robotics, home appliances, electric devices, healthcare, environment and energy, food technologies, and medical engineering.

 Our world class team includes experienced professionals from IP and corporate management of major technology companies, investment funds, financial institutions, and law firms. We have the global experience and relationships to provide comprehensive IP services, including IP-based business incubation, monetization, licensing and financing to generate revenue and fuel innovation and business expansion, syndicated transactions to remove potential IP risks to our clients, and IP consulting services to build IP strategies, maximize IP value, and best position our clients for success.