Rory Litton

Max Olofsson

Rory Litton
Senior Patent Counsel

Rory has more than 20 years of experience working with patents, with a focus on wireless communications related patents. Rory has been with Marconi since 2017, supporting several of our businesses including Teletry, and joins Avanci to help us deliver on our vision of transforming how patent licensing is done.

Prior to joining us, Rory started out in the patents field as an Examiner at the European Patent Office working in the telecommunications field, and examining many 3G and 4G related SEPs. After returning to Ireland, Rory entered into private practice and spent ten years as an Attorney/Partner at an IP law firm in Dublin, where his broad range of clients included a number of telecommunications companies. Rory brings broad experience from differing perspectives in the field of patents.

Rory is a European Patent Attorney and a European Trademark Attorney, and received his bachelor of electronic engineering from University College Dublin. He is based in Dublin, enjoys spending time with his family, and still occasionally plays a ‘friendly’ game of rugby.