We believe

Big ideas deserve a well-paved path to implementation

Moving at the speed of the future means there’s little time for complications. Avanci is committed to making the process of innovation a smooth one. We bring together key patent holders of essential wireless technology in one place, offering IoT device makers – of any size – the access they need with one license.

Playing fair means everyone wins

We’re serious about our responsibility to being fair and equitable. We listened to the needs of patent holders as well as makers of IoT connected products to shape our pricing model. Our transparent, open marketplace is accessible to everyone – ensuring those companies contributing technologies get a fair return on their investment, and those using the technologies get a fair price.

The opportunities are endless

Avanci is bringing wireless technology to new, connected devices being created every day – and we’re eagerly thinking ahead to what’s next. We will offer solutions to help connect the devices being innovated today and the devices that have yet to be imagined.


How Avanci can work for you

With about 41 billion devices expected to be connected by 2025, the Internet of Things and wireless technology is fueling a new economy of products. It’s enabling manufacturers to reinvent themselves in ways they never imagined and consumers to benefit from the convenience and productivity of a more connected world.

In this new era of invention, the innovators of wireless technology and the creators of smart devices are intertwined – each dependent on the contribution of others for success and continued advancement. Avanci’s one-stop marketplace accelerates these connections, efficiently and economically, putting world-changing products in the hands of consumers faster.