Licensor Spotlight: CICT Mobile embraces 5G opportunities with innovation

In the first of a series of articles, we spotlight the innovation of one of the patent owners in our Avanci marketplace, Datang Mobile (a subsidiary of CICT Mobile). This has been translated and adapted from an original article published by in China.

Avanci platform licensor CICT Mobile (a subsidiary of CICT Group) is a key force for 5G technology and industry in China and has been engaged in 5G research since 2012. Working with a range of industrial partners, CICT Mobile has targeted 5G application in industries including media integration, smart education, smart tourism, intelligent security, intelligent connected vehicles, smart manufacturing, smart power, smart healthcare, smart cities and smart industrial parks, as well as customized end-to-end 5G solutions. The company also works with leaders in relevant vertical industries and telecom operators to promote the rollout of popular 5G applications.

In a recent interview with Chinese media, CICT Mobile scientists Gao Xuejuan and Xing Yanping shared their views on 5G innovation, how they have contributed to the development of the telecom industry and how the Avanci platform is supporting the innovation process.

According to Gao, her achievements at CICT Mobile are down to the company’s development philosophy of building a “wireless communications engine” and its corporate values of innovation, market, integrity and responsibility. “I have been at CICT Mobile for 12 years, working on physical layer protocols since day one. I participated in the research and standardization of the LTE protocol versions ranging from R10 to R15. I’m currently researching 5G NR and have filed 260 patent applications as the first inventor.”

Xing shared that, “I joined CICT Mobile after graduating in 2007 and have been working on the standardization of the physical layer of mobile communications systems since then. I have participated in the standardization programs of several international and domestic standardization organizations, such as 3GPP and CCSA (China Communications Standardization Association).” She added that “CICT Mobile has innovation in its DNA. We recognize the important role of innovation in the development of the company and the entire industry, and we strive to create an environment that’s conducive for innovation.”

Back in the early days of 3G standardization, CICT Group, supported by industry authorities, drew on its years of research to present its proprietary TD-SCDMA technology, making it one of the three mainstream 3G standards, a breakthrough in mobile communications standards. This approach has also promoted the continued innovation, improvement, and standardization of 3G’s successors, 4G and 5G. To turbocharge the development of 5G in China, CICT Group has actively engaged in the formulation of global 5G standards. From the beginning of 3GPP’s 5G standardization work from 2015 to 2020, the company has submitted more than 10,000 technical documents on 5G technology and played a leading role in the approval of many important projects in 3GPP’s standardization efforts.

Datang Mobile (a subsidiary of CICT Mobile) has been working with Avanci’s IoT licensing platform since 2019. Commenting on Avanci, Gao said, “As an automotive licensing marketplace, Avanci provides a one-stop solution for telecom companies and automakers. It can further fuel the wide adoption of wireless communications technology in the auto sector. The cooperation between Datang Mobile and Avanci plays an exemplary role in the application of 5G standard technology in the IoT field. I think other IoT fields can also draw on this model.”  Xing added, “With its innovative approach to patent licensing, Avanci has attracted dozens of domestic and foreign telecom companies. It offers a one-stop solution for them and automakers, providing a great model for the application of cellular technology in IoT. This allows telecom companies to focus more on the development of the telecom technology itself. The implementors find it extremely inefficient to work with each telecom company separately. In fact, Avanci addresses the pain points of both sides. I think this is exactly why it can attract people to get on board. It can also fuel the wide adoption of wireless technology in the automotive sector.”

The industries and fields for vertical applications may be new to many telecom companies. If you want to go it alone, you will need to invest a lot of time and effort researching, negotiating and communicating. However, the Avanci marketplace resolves this problem for many telecom companies, acting as a bridge between them and automakers, which appeals to vendors in the communications field.

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