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The road ahead for connected vehicle technology licensing

With Avanci Vehicle, automakers can opt to take a single license on standard terms, covering patented technologies from many different companies, rather than needing to secure many licenses with individual licensors.

Connectivity is shaping the future of transportation. Connected vehicles do so much more than getting us from A to B. For drivers and passengers, connected vehicles provide a safer, greener and more enjoyable driving experience that keeps pace with our digital lives.

For automakers, focusing on the future of mobility, connected vehicles can increase their connection with customers, unlock new revenue streams and assist in creating and preserving vehicle value.

Avanci Vehicle

Avanci 4G

Vehicle connectivity implements multiple generations of cellular technologies. Avanci Vehicle 4G licenses the essential 4G, as well as 3G and 2G patents, of our licensors.

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Avanci 5G

Avanci Vehicle will offer a license to cellular technologies essential for 5G connected vehicles, as well as the 4G, 3G and 2G patents of licensors in the 5G program.

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Avanci Vehicle

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