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Licensing aftermarket products for vehicles

Avanci Aftermarket brings together licensors and licensees to create a one-stop licensing program for vehicle aftermarket products using 4G, 3G and 2G cellular communications.

Since many vehicles have been sold without connectivity, consumers, as well as modern transport and logistics operations, rely on aftermarket devices to connect.

Innovative companies create these products to bring connectivity and infotainment capabilities to legacy vehicles. Others build devices with a dedicated wireless connection independent of the vehicle, for specific functions. These include onboard units for vehicle monitoring, toll collection, enabling ticket sales, commercial route planning, facilitating fleet management, and more.

Building on the success of the Avanci Vehicle marketplace for connected vehicles, Avanci Aftermarket offers licenses for these connected devices installed after the original sale of a vehicle, or trailers and containers which are hauled by vehicles.

We offer licenses in three categories:

  • Infotainment products
  • Other multi-function aftermarket products
  • Monitoring-only products
Simple and efficient license agreement
Licensors on the Avanci Aftermarket platform

Licensees participating in Avanci Aftermarket

Axxes Kapsch TrafficCom Trapeze

Licensors participating in Avanci Aftermarket

Acer artiscale Asus Blackberry BT China Mobile Conversant DT mobile NTT docomo Emergent Mobile ericsson Fujitsu Harfang IP IS interdigital IPBridge kpn KT Kyocera LG Longhorn IP mediatek Mitsubishi NEC NTT Oppo Orange Panasonic Panoptis Pantech Pegasus Phillips Qualcomm Samsung siemens sisvel SK telecom sony sun patent trust TCL tim Deutsche Telekom TNO Unwired Planet Wilus ZTE

Pricing – Always fair.

Avanci shares a commitment with the IoT ecosystem to make licenses for the latest standard wireless technologies available in a way that is fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory (FRAND). This well-established industry principle ensures that those using standardized technologies in their products have access on fair terms, and those creating wireless technology receive a fair return on their investment.

Easy, uncomplicated possibilities

Avanci is committed to streamlining the technology-sharing process. Our transparent fixed price royalty model accommodates the wide range of uses in connected aftermarket devices.

Fair, fixed prices for aftermarket products

The royalty rate in an Avanci license for an aftermarket product will never increase during the term of the license, regardless of:

  • The number of 2G, 3G and 4G essential patents added to the license
  • How many new licensors join the Avanci Aftermarket program

Avanci provides predictability, transparency and simplicity for the vehicle aftermarket.

Aftermarket device pricing

We offer these rates, paid once per device, covering the device’s lifetime.

3G/2G 4G/3G/2G
Infotainment products $9 $15
Other multi-function products $6 $7.50
Monitoring only products $3 $4

The above pricing may change in the future.

FAQs – We’re doing things in a new way

Our focus on making things easy means we’re always here to answer your questions.

Vehicle aftermarket products are devices meant to be installed and/or used primarily in or on a container or vehicle, that are not present during the initial manufacture of the container or vehicle, and that provide wireless connectivity

These are connected devices with the capability to download apps, play audio content or other entertainment, access Internet-enabled content such as traffic or weather conditions, and provide network connectivity for a wireless local area network such as a Wi-Fi hot spot.

This is the most inclusive category and includes any product that can do more than monitoring but does not provide infotainment services. On board units and computers that communicate with other vehicles, ticket machines and ticket printers and other fleet management devices such as taxi dispatch systems, dash-cams, and toll collection devices with user interface for presenting information to the driver fall into this category.

These are connected devices that are only capable of monitoring and/or reporting on the performance, activity, location, usage, driving characteristics, or faults of a vehicle or container but without a user interface for receiving or presenting any information to anyone traveling with or inside the vehicle or container, and without the ability to control the operation of the vehicle or container.

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