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Connected vehicles rely on multiple generations of cellular technologies, including patented inventions created by thousands of inventors at hundreds of companies and research institutes around the world.

The Avanci 5G Connected Vehicle license covers all 5G, 4G, 3G and 2G standard essential patents of the participating licensors, including cellular vehicle to everything (C-V2X) technology.

Simple and efficient license agreement
Licensors on the Avanci 5G Vehicle platform

Licensees participating in Avanci 5G Vehicle

Audi Bently BMW Group BMW Mini Copper Rolls Royce Cupra Ford GM Genesis Hyundai Kia Iseki Lamborghini MAN Mercedes Navistar Polestar Porsche Scania Scout Motors Seat skoda Volkswagon Volkswagon Bus and Truck Volvo Yammar

Licensors participating in Avanci 5G Vehicle

5G IP Holdings / IPVal Acer artiscale Asus Blackberry BT China Mobile China Telecom Coolpad Crystal Clear Codec DT mobile NTT docomo Emergent Mobile Equo IP ericsson Fujitsu Harfang IP Huawei Innovative Sonic Intel Intellectual Discovery interdigital IPBridge IP Innovation JVCKenwood KDDI kpn KT Kyocera LG Longhorn IP mediatek Miics Mitsubishi NEC New Radio Nokia NTT Ofinno Orange Oswego Panasonic Panoptis Pantech Phillips Qualcomm Samsung Sharp siemens sisvel SK telecom SolIP sony sun patent trust TCL tim TMobile TNO Top Quality Codec Unisoc UUCOM Unwired Planet Vodafone Wilus ZTE

Market-driven pricing

5G license pricing
includes 4G, 3G, and 2G license
$32 / vehicle
base running royalty
Early licensee pricing
5G license signed before the later of February 16, 2024 or first sale of 5G connected vehicle, other conditions apply
$29 / vehicle

The above pricing may change in the future.

For connected vehicles without 5G capability, please see Avanci 4G Vehicle.

The Value Proposition for 5G Connected Vehicles

Analyst firm TechInsights conducted research and published a report on the value that 5G technology will bring to connected vehicles, which is free to download.

Download the Report

FAQs – We’re doing things in a new way

Our focus on making things easy means we’re always here to answer your questions.

Global cellular communication is driven by standardized technology. These standards make it possible for products to interwork and communicate with each other and the internet, regardless of their location or network.

Cellular standards are developed when technology experts at various companies share their new inventions with the entire industry in an open manner. To recoup their R&D investment in creating these inventions and fund continued R&D for the future, these companies often patent these innovations. This establishes ownership by the company that had the idea in the first place. The new ideas are considered by industry experts and the very best rise to the top, ultimately becoming part of a new standard.

When a patented technology becomes part of a standard, it’s referred to as a standard-essential patent. A standard-essential patent is evaluated and granted by a national patent office just like any other patent. What makes it a standard-essential patent is that the invention covered by the patent must be used to implement part of the standard.

The program offers a license to the licensors’ patent claims essential to the 5G, 4G, 3G and 2G standards, for use in 5G connected vehicles, as well as any such patent claims they develop or acquire during the term of your license, or of any new licensors who join during the license term.

Yes, the license includes patented C-V2X technologies which enable vehicles to directly communicate with other vehicles, cyclists, pedestrians, and transportation infrastructure.

Automakers selling or planning to sell 5G connected vehicles have the option of taking a license from Avanci.

Our standard 5G Connected Vehicle License terms are available to automakers upon request. We can be reached via our contact form.

Avanci’s simple and transparent pricing means everyone pays a fair license price for the same product – rates are shown above on our website. License pricing reflects the value the licensed technology confers on the product. Our one-stop marketplace minimizes transaction costs by enabling you to take one license covering patented technology from many licensors, rather than negotiating many separate licenses for the same patents.

The early adopter reduction is available for automakers who sign a license before the later of February 16, 2024 (within six months of the program being announced) or selling their first 5G connected vehicle, so long as the licensee complies with other terms of the license agreement.

Yes. Your Avanci 5G Vehicle license will automatically include a new licensor’s patent claims essential to the 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G standards.

Avanci’s 5G Vehicle license provides “have-made rights” for the licensee and its suppliers, which means that suppliers can research, develop and make components incorporating cellular connectivity for their customers, without needing to take a license themselves. In this way, Avanci provides a level playing field not only for automakers but also for their suppliers of connectivity components, wherever they are in the world.

We welcome you to join us to make your patented cellular technology available to makers of connected vehicles. Avanci connects patent owners and manufacturers in one marketplace, with one agreement – speeding up the process of securing technology rights for new products while ensuring you receive a fair return on your R&D investment.

Absolutely. Avanci shares a commitment with the IoT ecosystem to make the latest technology available in a way that is fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory (FRAND). This well-established industry principle ensures that those using the technology in their IoT products have access at terms that are well-aligned with their needs, and those creating wireless technology receive a fair return on their investment.

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