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Internet video streaming is now an integral part of our daily lives, whether for entertainment or communication – its significance will only increase as more video-focused products and services are launched, from 360-degree video gaming to live programming, as well as virtual health consultations and more.

Advances in internet video technology, specifically related to streaming, happen every day. The latest coding technologies have substantially improved compression efficiency compared to the state of the standards of only a few years ago. Developing and implementing these technologies is imperative to enable high-resolution video, offer reliable and seamless viewer experiences, and reduce the financial, energy, and material costs of operating and using data centers to deliver the services.

While these advances in video streaming technology continue to progress rapidly, patent licensing practices aren’t following suit, which ultimately risks the adoption of these new technologies. Negotiating and entering into a separate license agreement for each new standard and each different licensor increases complexity and reduces predictability.

Avanci Video cuts through the confusion and complexities in the patent licensing process by offering a single, comprehensive license for internet streaming providers. This new license spans the latest video technologies, AV1, H.265 (HEVC), H.266 (VVC), MPEG-DASH, and VP9, and includes a growing list of licensors for these technologies.

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Avanci Video is a licensing platform that brings together patents essential to multiple video standards and owned by many different licensors into a single license that is available to internet streaming companies. Avanci Video makes the licensing process simpler and more predictable for all involved.

New generations of internet video streaming technologies are driven by standardization. These standards enable the reliable distribution of high-quality streaming video, while increases in compression efficiency reduce network congestion as well as energy consumption and materials used in the world’s data centers.

Standards are developed when technology experts at various companies are willing to share their new inventions with the entire industry in an open manner. In order to recoup their R&D investment in creating these inventions, these ideas are often patented in order to establish ownership by the company that had the idea in the first place. Through a consensus-driven process among industry experts, the very best technologies rise to the top, ultimately becoming part of a new standard.

When a patented technology becomes part of a standard, it’s referred to as a standard-essential patent. A standard-essential patent is evaluated and granted by a national patent office just like any other patent. What makes it a standard-essential patent is that the invention covered by the patent must be used in order to implement the standard.

Avanci Video offers a license to five technologies used by internet video streaming companies – H.265 (HEVC), H.266 (VVC), VP9, AV1, and MPEG-DASH. Each licensee can tailor its license by selecting one or more of these standards to include in its license. Our license covers all the essential patents for the selected standards owned by the licensors that have joined our platform, whenever they join, including any such patents they develop or acquire during the term of the license.

The platform currently licenses the essential patents of the licensors listed above and we expect to add more licensors in future.

Internet video streaming companies that are providing internet video streaming services to its users using any of the five standards – H.265 (HEVC), H.266 (VVC), VP9, AV1, and MPEG-DASH – have the option to take a license from Avanci Video. Our licensing program is open to all internet video streaming companies including subscription-based entertainment services, ad-based video sharing sites, social media and video messaging platforms, and video conferencing providers. If you have an existing internet video streaming service or are in the process of bringing a new service to market, you should contact us to learn more about the Avanci Video license.

Avanci Video is licensing the essential technology that is necessary when utilizing H.265 (HEVC), H.266 (VVC), VP9, AV1, and MPEG-DASH to provide an internet video streaming service to the market. A license from Avanci Video covers the entire essential patent portfolio for these internet video streaming technologies of patent owners already on the platform, plus the patents of new licensors that join Avanci Video in the future avoiding the need to negotiate individual license agreements with the participating licensors for the same patents.

To match the global reach of many internet video streaming companies, Avanci Video provides a worldwide license to make use of the covered internet video streaming technologies.

The latest coding technologies have substantially improved compression efficiency compared to the standards of only a few years ago, enabling the emergence of a thriving and dynamic market for internet video streaming services. Developing and implementing these technologies is imperative to enable the resource-conscious distribution of high-resolution video in an increasingly video-centric world. Given the complexities of the patent-licensing process, it can be difficult for companies providing internet video streaming services to know which patents are essential and how to license them.

Avanci Video makes the process of securing a license to use these technologies easy, and simplifies the adoption of the newest and most efficient video technologies. Our one-stop platform offers internet video streaming companies a license to the patented essential technologies needed to provide their services from multiple licensors under a single agreement without the need for time-consuming individual negotiations with patent owners.

Avanci Video is different from existing pools for many reasons, including:

  • Avanci Video offers a single license covering multiple video technologies rather than insisting on separate licenses (and separate royalty payments) for each different technology used by an internet streaming service.
  • Avanci Video acts as an independent intermediary between licensors and licensees with the singular focus of simplifying the licensing process by finding terms which are acceptable to all parties.

We welcome you to join us—and many other industry-leading innovators—to make your patented video technology available to internet video streaming companies. Avanci Video connects patent owners and manufacturers in one platform, without the need for complex negotiations—speeding up the process of securing technology rights for new products while ensuring patent owners receive a fair return on their R&D investment. Please contact us to learn more about licensing your H.265 (HEVC), H.266 (VVC), VP9, AV1, and MPEG-DASH standard-essential patents through the platform.

Avanci Video’s simple and transparent pricing means everyone pays a fair license rate. License rates are based on the value that the covered technologies bring to internet video streaming services. Our platform offers the best price by minimizing transaction costs and allowing you to obtain one license, rather than licensing the covered patents from multiple individual licensors.

Our royalty rates are coming soon!

Absolutely. Avanci Video shares a commitment with the internet video streaming ecosystem to make the latest technology available in a way that is fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory (FRAND). This well-established industry principle ensures that those using the technology in their internet video streaming services receive a license with terms that are well-aligned with their needs and the value they receive from the technology, and those creating the technology receive a fair return on their investment.

The royalty rates in your Avanci Video license will not increase as new licensors join the Avanci Video platform and the number of patents included in your license grows.

This means there is no reason for companies providing internet video streaming services to delay taking a license, as the value of the license is likely to increase as more patent owners come on board. Let’s get started!

Yes. Your license from Avanci Video will automatically include our licensors’ patent portfolio essential to the standards included in your license—including new additions—for the duration of your license agreement.

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