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The Internet of Things is propelling a new economy of products. IoT is enabling manufacturers to innovate new products and reinvigorate existing ones in ways never imagined. Consumers and businesses will benefit from the convenience, productivity and security these products deliver in a more connected world.

billion internet connected devices by 2025

In this new era of invention, the innovators of wireless technology and the creators of smart devices are intertwined, each dependent on the contribution of the other for success. Avanci IoT is the one-stop platform that facilitates these connections, efficiently and economically, putting world-changing products in the hands of consumers faster.

Avanci IoT is the one-stop platform where innovators and manufacturers can find the cellular communications technology patent licenses they need. Licensing fees are tied to the value the technology adds to the connected device, not the product’s sales price.

Royalties will vary from one type of device to the next, based on the value the technology brings to the device. For example, the royalty will be different when the licensed product is a connected vehicle that continuously provides a hotspot, navigation data, streaming entertainment, enhanced safety, warranty services and remote performance monitoring, rather than a smart meter that only sends intermittent data on consumption.

Avanci Smart Meter

Smart meters equipped with cellular technology are supplying real-time information to help us make smart decisions without needing to be anywhere near the meter.

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Avanci Vehicle
Avanci EV Charger

Avanci EV Charger

Smart EV Chargers play a crucial role in making electric vehicle charging more efficient, convenient, and sustainable while supporting the integration of EVs into the larger energy ecosystem.

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