Avanci Announces LG Electronics as New Licensor

Leading innovator in cellular technologies and advanced automotive components to license its essential patents through Avanci’s one-stop marketplace

DALLAS, Texas, February 10, 2022 — Today, Avanci announced that LG Electronics has joined its one-stop licensing marketplace. Following this announcement, all existing Avanci licensees and those who join Avanci in future will be licensed to 4G, 3G and 2G essential patents created and owned by LG Electronics, together with 48 other patent owners already in the marketplace.

“We are excited to have LG Electronics, a long-term innovator and contributor to the development of cellular communications standards, as an Avanci licensor,” said Kasim Alfalahi, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Avanci.

Through its Vehicle component Solutions business, LG Electronics is a global supplier to the automotive industry and a market leader in the development of automotive connectivity solutions as well as advanced parts for electric vehicles and services, leveraging LG’s rich user experiences and technologies acquired from its diverse consumer electronics experience over many decades.

“LG Electronics is pleased to join the Avanci marketplace,” said Jay Cho, Senior Vice President and Head of the Intellectual Property Center at LG Electronics. “Through Avanci, our innovations in cellular essential technologies can be simply and efficiently shared with auto makers around the world.”

Avanci’s independent marketplace has transformed the way companies share technology by licensing intellectual property from many different patent holders in a single transaction, at low, fixed rates, paid once for the lifetime of the vehicle. By streamlining the technology sharing process, Avanci provides automotive manufacturers with an efficient and transparent way to access the wireless technology needed to bring their products online.

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