Avanci welcomes Samsung Electronics

Leading global innovator joins several Avanci licensing programs, increasing value for licensees

Avanci, a leader in simplifying the sharing of advanced technologies, today announced that Samsung Electronics has become a licensor for several of its licensing programs, including Avanci Vehicle 4G, Avanci Aftermarket and Avanci Broadcast.

Avanci has transformed how companies share technology, enabling product makers to access patented technology from many companies and research institutes in a single transaction at fixed rates, paid once for the product’s lifetime. The Avanci model efficiently helps businesses unlock the potential of technologies created by thousands of inventors around the globe to create innovative new products for their customers.

Existing licensees of Avanci Vehicle 4G, spanning more than 80 auto brands, are now also licensed to the 4/3/2G standard essential patents (SEPs) of Samsung Electronics for their connected vehicles, extending the value of their license. Similarly, Avanci Aftermarket licensees are covered for their aftermarket vehicle products.

Avanci also recently launched Avanci Broadcast, a one-stop licensing platform for the ATSC 3.0 television standard. Samsung Electronics was one of the largest contributors to the development of that standard and is among the initial licensors for the platform, which collectively represent more than 70% of all patent families containing patents declared essential for the ATSC 3.0 standard.  Samsung Electronics is also the world’s largest manufacturer of televisions and is one of the initial licensees for Avanci Broadcast, which collectively have been responsible for the vast majority of ATSC 3.0 televisions sold to date. “We are delighted to welcome Samsung Electronics, a global leader in innovation and a long-term contributor to the development of standardized technologies, as an Avanci licensor,” said Kasim Alfalahi, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Avanci. “This announcement reinforces the broad industry enthusiasm for the Avanci model and adds value for existing and future licensees at no additional cost to them. We look forward to working with Samsung Electronics and our other partners on efficient licensing solutions for today and in the future.”

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