Avanci Broadcast welcomes Zenview Intelligence as a licensee

Shenzhen-based technology company joins one-stop licensing platform for the ATSC 3.0 broadcasting standard

Avanci, the independent global leader in joint licensing solutions, today announced that it has signed an Avanci Broadcast license agreement with Zenview Intelligence.

The ATSC 3.0 standard (also known as NextGen TV) has been adopted for over-the-air TV broadcasts in countries including the United States and South Korea. Avanci Broadcast streamlines the licensing process for ATSC 3.0 products, offering makers of products such as TVs and set-top boxes a single agreement covering the ATSC 3.0 / NextGen TV standard essential patents (SEPs) of all its licensors, avoiding the need to negotiate individual bi-lateral agreements with each. The patent owners licensing through Avanci Broadcast collectively own more than 80% of all families containing patents declared essential for ATSC 3.0, reflecting their significant contributions to the development of the standard.

Ilkka Rahnasto, Senior Vice President at Avanci Broadcast, said: “We are excited to welcome Zenview Intelligence as an Avanci Broadcast licensee. Zenview Intelligence is a forward-thinking Chinese innovator in digital TV and IoT, including for ATSC 3.0 and DVB solutions. We are pleased that our independent, one-stop solution has now been adopted by a first licensee from China, and we look forward to welcoming more licensees and licensors, from China and beyond.”

Zenview Intelligence joins the existing licensees for Avanci Broadcast, who collectively have sold more than 95% of all the products currently implementing ATSC 3.0.

Win Wei, General Manager at Zenview Intelligence, added: “As a fast-growing company, we are based in Shenzhen and provide customers worldwide with software and hardware solutions for a variety of digital TV and IoT products. The Avanci Broadcast program offers an efficient and transparent one-stop solution, clarifying the commercial expectations of the industry chain, which will play a crucial role in the prosperity and development of NextGen TV. We believe that taking an Avanci Broadcast license allows us to focus on delivering innovative solutions for both existing and prospective customers.”

Among the thirteen companies who license their ATSC 3.0 innovations through Avanci Broadcast is Shanghai-based NERC-DTV, the National Engineering Research Center of Digital Television.

Yao Wang at NERC-DTV, concluded: “As an organization devoted to research and development of next generation and media network digital TV technologies, including for ATSC 3.0, we are pleased to see our innovations being implemented by product companies such as Zenview Intelligence. The one-stop licensing option offered by Avanci Broadcast provides predictability and efficiency, which we believe are essential for a healthy industry ecosystem.”  

To learn more about the Avanci Broadcast platform, including terms for early licensees for set-top boxes and dongles, visit www.avanci.com/broadcast.

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