5G Powering the IoT

5g logoWe’re excited to share the latest milestone in our journey: the launch of our 5G licensing platform for the Internet of Things. It’s clear that 5G will transform most areas of life, powering the IoT to expand to many new categories of connected products and going beyond what anyone can imagine today.

A 5G license from Avanci will cover the 5G essential patent portfolios of patent owners who join the platform, plus their 2G, 3G and 4G essential patents. Avanci asked the US Department of Justice to review plans for the 5G connected vehicles program. Its Business Review Letter was published on July 29th 2020. If you own essential patents for 5G, we encourage you to join the platform. If you are creating 5G products, whether connected vehicles or any other IoT device, we will be happy to discuss our licensing plans. Here’s to an exciting 5G future!

Built on a Revolutionary Vision

When we launched the Avanci one-stop marketplace less than four years ago, Avanci had a clear vision that sharing technology could be simpler, quicker and more efficient. Avanci’s revolutionary one-stop marketplace has transformed the licensing landscape by licensing the vast majority of the 2G, 3G, and 4G cellular essential patents to millions of connected vehicles in a single agreement.